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This strategic online browser game plants you in the middle of the ancient conflict between vampires and werewolves. Play along with thousands of gamers from all around the world and secure your place in the history of this struggle.
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Colony development
Upgrade your colonies from tiny villages to impregnable fortresses
Research system
Improve your buildings and units with the extensive research system
Both the werewolf and vampire faction have unique abilities in battle
Plan your moves carefully, as each decision could result in your downfall
World map
The world map features several zoom levels and can be scrolled
Heroes support your troops and improve certain characteristics of the unit type for which they are specialised
Tutorial and library
The game starts with an extensive tutorial and offers many videos detailing game play and comprehensive descriptions of the units, research and building types
Single player to alliance leader
You can take your chances as a lone wolf or support an alliance in your struggle for supremacy... and survival!


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Game details

Slowly you regain consciousness, as the day draws to a close and the shadows around you lengthen and the Sun gradually disappears behind the treetops. The crumpled and stained letter in your hands was to be delivered to the Countess of Derby... The previous night you were sure that someone was following you in the woods near Colonia, but there was no one behind you. As you continued upon your way, He suddenly stood before you. You did not even have time to cry out... You can still feel the stabbing pain from the bite wounds in your throat. You try to concentrate on your next steps, but your task no longer seems to be of any significance. All you can think of is your sudden, insatiable appetite for bloody flesh...

Join ranks with the vampires or werewolves in their eternal battle for supremacy. Take command of a vampire or werewolf colony and develop it into an invincible and highly productive fortress. Your researchers will aid you in your efforts by developing new abilities and powers for your creatures and buildings. Create the ultimate army that will change the tide in this ancient conflict!

Gameplay Technology


Name Language Start date Status
MonstersArmy INT 2 English Sept. 10, 2015
MonstersArmy Tournament German June 13, 2013
MonstersArmy PT 1 Portuguese Feb. 5, 2013
MonstersArmy INT 1 English Feb. 24, 2011
MonstersArmy DE 2 German Dec. 9, 2010
MonstersArmy DE 1 German Nov. 2, 2009

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