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In FantasyHill you slip into a elf's, who studiously treats her gardens and supplies Gwendra the dragon, who protected the village. Together with other players you can build up your own guild and fulfill quests.
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Wide choice of plants
FantasyHill offers you a huge selection of unique and gorgeous plants to design your gardens.
Guilds & Boni
Build up your guild with many other players and enable special boni for you and your members.
Exciting events
You can regularily take part in events, that reward you with unique plants.


Game details

In FantasyHill the world is as it should be: fairies are flying through blooming landscapes, mythical creatures are roaming the forests and above all there is the great dragon Gwendra, to ensure everything is protected.
In FantasyHill you are creating your very own dream world, guided by your little helper, the magic fairy Anthea. Your very own garden awaits you, so that you can make your dreams come true and let your imagination run free. While your garden is untouched at first, it is up to you to plant some crops; plants which are as magical as the creatures inhabiting the world of FantasyHill. In any case They are colorful in any case, you just have to pick the one best suited for the garden of your dreams.
The Inhabitants of the fantasy realm get together to meet in the town named FantasyHill, where the queen resides over her kingdom. With the help of her pet-dragon Gwendra she protects the village and all of its inhabitants, so that no evil may befall them and everybody can live in peace.
While visiting the town, you will not only find everything you need for your garden; you will also meet other players, for you are not alone in the world of FantasyHill. You have many neighbors, who all have their own gardens. Perhaps you want to show your friends, what you did with your little kingdom and present your garden to them.
Discover a world full of wonders and magic! Design your very own garden! FantasyHill awaits you!

Gameplay Technology


Name Language Start date Status
FantasyHill - Anthea German Sept. 17, 2012
FantasyHill - Gwendra German Aug. 1, 2012

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