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Welcome to moonID

Play with new and old friends:

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Grab your sword...

and become a legendary warrior.

Gather your loyal allies to construct a communal fortress and combat the hosts of undead warriors that was recently sighted on the battlefields.


New: Supremacy 1914

Lead a nation through World War I.

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Be different... be evil!

If you are sick and tired of being the glorious hero, then Days of Evil is just the thing for you.

Days of Evil

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Days of Evil

Days of Evil
Slip into the role of a sinister scientist who has crash-landed on a strange planet. …


In their struggle for power and might the knights have been embroiled in battle for …


For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. …

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914
In Supremacy 1914, you take control of one of up to 30 countries during the …


KnightFight: Update Wolfsauge live May 11, 2021

The update includes these new enhancements and high-level items:

  • 10 rings of reinforcement
  • 12 armors of the wolf protection
  • 7 shields of the wolf eye
  • 6 magic soul stones
  • 6 one-handed weapons and 3 two-handed weapons
  • Backgrounds can be used now also with all picture sets
  • New battlefield search filter: one, two-handed
  • Shortened description after completed mission
  • Improved error texts at the altar

Have fun and let the iron glow!

KnightFight Update Wolfsauge

KnightFight: Update Wolfsauge May 7, 2021

While Jack Rabbit is rocking the Easter eggs in the cooler again, the KnightFight armory has been opened.

The update KnightFight Wolfsauge closes gaps in the equipment of the high level characters. Furthermore, there are still some optical delicacies in the implementation. The update Wolfsauge will go live next week. We will announce the exact date shortly.

KnightFight: Update Wolfsauge

Short server down 04.05.2021 May 3, 2021

Hello all,
Today at 01:00 UTC (03:00 CEST) there will be a small maintenance update of our servers, the servers will be offline for a short time, this affects MoonID, as well as all games that are connected to it.
Our system administrator will try to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Eastern Promises April 2, 2021

It will be dangerous again for rabbits and eggs. So take care and if you should meet Jack Rabbit, then best between the eyes. 

The resurrection of MonstersGame is proceeding rather in hedgehog steps, but at least something is going on.

New weapons are in the pipeline for the hungry KnightFight knights. No one should have to die as a one-hander.

MonstersLand is now history. Thank you to all the players who were in the faraway land. We will never forget the map.

If you haven't discovered it yet: QualityMatch at Cash for Action Payment, offers MoonCoins against spotting bikes.

So happy Easter! Thanks for loyalty, fighting spirit and patience, stay healthy and of course our Easter premium action with 50% more Mooncoins, blood drops or gems will run again from now on:

-> Easter premium promotion


MoonCoins for Action: QualityMatch Feb. 23, 2021

After Aria is done and the Valentine action is over, there is a new option to scoop fresh MoonCoins: QualityMatch - the action for payment offers changing tasks.
It starts with a music test. Your job is to determine whether the music is similar (similiar) or not (not similiar). After three successful rounds, we will reward your commitment with 15 MoonCoins. In order for us all to approach the new payment carefully, half an hour must be suspended after the three rounds. QualityMatch is currently still in beta status and only in English. Also the "Understood" button can only be reached by scrolling down.

Cash for Action
-> Payment

Anleitung QualityMatch

More comprehensive guide on Patti's Arcadewelten
-> Arcadewelten

-> QualityMatch

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