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Slip into the role of a sinister scientist who has crash-landed on a strange planet. Rule the planet with an iron fist and become a mighty and undefeatable demigod.
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Weapons and items
Construct vital buildings to supply your army with weapons, shields, helmets and potions.
This metallic colossus is the centrepiece of your army. Equip it with the many available extras such as plasma cannons, exoskeletons or force shield generators.
Recruit and develop new unit types to make your army even more powerful. Individual units can be equipped with weapons, armour and many other extras.
Send your army on raids to fill your war chest. You can also send your troops to ominous locations and have them fight mighty opponents so they can retrieve powerful artifacts to increase your might.
Enter the arena and test your mettle against other players. Rake in prizes and climb to new heights in the PvP high score. The higher your ranking, the bigger and more unusual the range of goods that you can buy in the arena shop will become.
Develop new offensive and defensive methods for your army. You can also produce new types of mechs and units by carrying out the appropriate research.
Join ranks with other players to create an even mightier army and meet epic challenges as a team.
Quest system
Each day you receive new tasks that bring you further along the path through this new world and bring you new challenges and opportunities.

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Game details

In summary: the journey was brutal. After the impact, which left you feeling as though every bone in your body had been pulverised, you were horrified to discover that the massive heat produced by the time jump had burned nearly every inch of your body. The only thing keeping you from losing your grip on reality is the realization, that you are still functional in spite of your grievous wounds. You gradually become aware of your surroundings and cannot help feeling that something is very wrong...

Days of Evil is a blend of various popular genres. The construction of buildings and goods and the trade system represent elements of a simulation. Developing new weapons and technologies and expanding your army with new unit types fulfill your innate desire to collect and gather.

There is also plenty of action - send your army to dark and dreary places and battle legendary beings, so your units can recover magical artifacts. There is also a highscore-based PvP arena, in which you can challenge other players.

If you always found it boring to be the good guy, revel in the glory of your dark side in Days of Evil!
Gameplay Technology


Name Language Start date Status
Days of Evil DE 2 German Dec. 10, 2013
Days of Evil FR 1 French April 17, 2013
Days of Evil EN 1 English Nov. 15, 2012
Days of Evil DE 1 German Oct. 31, 2012
Days of Evil RU 1 Russian Sept. 25, 2013
Days of Evil BR 1 Brazilian Portuguese June 20, 2013

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