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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your moonID portal account is also your account for the board in the portal. If your portal account is deleted, your board account will be permanently deleted as well!

Players have no legal claim to a moonID portal or the accompanying board account.
Players must heed instructions given by the game operator and the portal and forum administration.
Spamming or flooding public forums, bulletin boards or chats with recruitment links in violation of the terms of service there is forbidden and can lead to deletion of any moonID portal accounts involved. We want to expressly state that each player is solely responsible for the distribution of recruitment links. We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of recruitment links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the recruitment link there.
All bugs (defects resulting from the programming of the moonID portal or boards) must be reported to the moonID team immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain or to benefit other moonID users will result in the deletion of any accounts using the bug.
Any type of automated data collection (data mining) by means of scripts, crawlers, spiders or bots is forbidden and will lead to deletion of any portal or forum accounts involved in the activity.
Portal and board users should treat one another and the moonID portal and board teams with respect. Any insulting or obscene behavior will result in suspension or deletion of the portal account, depending on the severity of the rule violation involved.
The sale or trade of moonID portal accounts is strictly forbidden. Any attempts to sell a portal account will result in immediate and permanent deletion of the portal account.
User names, personal messages, board posts and any other texts created on or submitted to the moonID portal or board may not contain any insulting, obscene, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or politically extremist content. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the portal account involved may be suspended or deleted.
Spamming, deliberately annoying, provoking or sending advertising to moonID portal or forum users by any means is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints and any repeated violations or extreme infractions will result in deletion of any portal accounts involved. Any attempts to use automation to send personal messages or other content on the portal or board will result in legal prosecution as well as deletion of the portal accounts involved!
Each user may register and use one moonID portal. Any attempts to create and use multiple portal accounts to gain benefits for one or more of those accounts or to use the multiple accounts to circumvent an account deletion or suspension will result in immediate deletion of all accounts.
11 Rules and regulations for the use of the moonID forum
Hate campaigns and propaganda directed towards other portal and forum users are forbidden. An exception is made for any such content created in the context of RPG (role-playing games) topics with the consent and agreement of the participants.
Any references to the affairs of other forum members are forbidden if they serve to defame or insult that member.
Unnecessary posts with no merit (spam) are forbidden. It is also forbidden to "push" or "up" topics by creating new posts with no meaningful content.
It is forbidden to create new topics concerning a topic for which existing threads have been closed by the forum administration team ( e.g. discussions about closed topics or the reasons for the closure of the topic. Such posts may be closed or removed by the moderators or administrators with no warning.
No posts containing game-related information (player names, user IDs, statistics, messages etc.) may be made unless the consent of all players concerned has been obtained and it must be made clear in the post that consent has been granted. If no consent has been obtained, any information concerning other players must be censored.
Publication of log files, e-mails, chats messages etc. is not permitted unless the consent of all concerned parties has been obtained.
Distribution and publication of commercial advertising, referral programme links or any type of advertising links for external sites is strictly forbidden.
Any violation of these rules or regulations may result in deletion or editing of posts or topics if deemed necessary by the forum administration team.
Complaints about decisions made by forum moderators and/or administrators are to be submitted exclusively as support tickets.
It is strictly forbidden to post private or personal information about other forum members. This includes name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone or fax number, passwords etc. Any violations will be punished by suspension or deletion of the forum account.
Any special cases not explicitly covered by these rules and regulations will be handled by the forum administration team on a case-by-case basis.
Should any portion of these rules and regulations be deemed invalid, the other regulations retain their validity.

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