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Grab your sword...

and become a legendary warrior.

Gather your loyal allies to construct a communal fortress and combat the hosts of undead warriors that was recently sighted on the battlefields.


Be different... be evil!

If you are tired of being the glorious hero, then Days of Evil is just the thing for you.

Days of Evil

Supremacy 1914

Lead a nation through World War I.
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Days of Evil

Days of Evil
Slip into the role of a sinister scientist who has crash-landed on a strange planet. …


In their struggle for power and might the knights have been embroiled in battle for …


For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. …

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914
In Supremacy 1914, you take control of one from 30 countries during the First World …


Light at the end of the tunnel Jan. 1, 2022

It was long, it was hard, finally 21 is done. It was a tough year. Surely also for many of you. We have been working with Aszlig on the new platform / MonstersGame relaunch. It all takes painfully longer than planned. Meanwhile we are in good spirits that in 22 for vampires and werewolves a new eternity will start.

KnightFight has received a number of improvements over the past year. The current KnightFight update will get the next stage of enhancements in the next two weeks.
Portal and payment are on a good level, with Quality Match we could win a great partner and service. This year, we will expand the small payments and the mobile area.

Big thanks also to Patti for her commitment on the support front, at least on the service side there is nothing to complain about. Besides the nice new tech, we want more action and more players in 22. Therefore we are pushing also marketing and are looking forward to new events.

We wish you all the best and health for the new round #22.
Ideas, suggestions and collaboration are more welcome than ever.
Take care of yourselves!

CRATR,games Happy New Year

#CRATR #knightfight #monstergame #hny22

Happy Chrismas Dec. 24, 2021


Our little gift:

Please one code per user.

#knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #aktion #xmas

Xmas Premium 21 Dec. 20, 2021

The last MonstersGame FightEvent is hardly over, the credit cards are still smoking, when Bad Santa jumps on stage. A fierce year is approaching its finale. Thank you for a lot of activity, fun and feedback. Of course, our Christmas campaign may not be missing this year:

From December 20, 10pm to January 10, 10pm there is 50% bonus when buying moonCOIN, blood drop and gemstone packs.

-> XMAS Premium 21

All KnightFight heros have to be patient with the unpacking, but it's not Christmas yet.


#knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #aktion #sale

News in moonID Payment: Credit cards and new Quality Match Dec. 18, 2021

We are happy to announce that we have a credit card solution live again together with our payment partner MicroPayment. This means that we already have Mastercard and VISA as payment options again. With the next provider, we will then also bring the exotic methods back on board.

Who has not yet noticed: The bikes were changed Quality Match by a new challenging people puzzle.

moonID credit card

#moonID #payment #creditcard #visa #mastercard #qualitymatch

[MG] The battle for the top game world MonstersGame INT 2 Dec. 5, 2021

Hello all you vampires and werewolves from MonstersGame INT 2,
it's time to compete against each other (player against player). We will look at the top 100 fighters and the top 10 will win.

The winner gets 5.000
2nd place gets 3.000
3rd place receives 1.000
the top 10 each 500 moonCoins.

How to participate? Simply from 05.12.2021 15.00 clock until 12.12.2021 15.00 clock you fight on International 2, what the elders give. In the period we count your fights (7 days), it does not matter whether won fights, defeats or draws.
There is one rule: in this period we do not allow any sitting.

May the ancestors be with you!

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