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Welcome to moonID

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Grab your sword...

and become a legendary warrior.

Gather your loyal allies to construct a communal fortress and combat the hosts of undead warriors that was recently sighted on the battlefields.


New: Supremacy 1914

Lead a nation through World War I.

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Be different... be evil!

If you are sick and tired of being the glorious hero, then Days of Evil is just the thing for you.

Days of Evil

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In their struggle for power and might the knights have been embroiled in battle for …


For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. …

Slayer of Souls

Slayer of Souls
Slayer of Souls captivates with solid grinding, stylish graphics and long motivation in a beautiful …

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914
In Supremacy 1914, you take control of one of up to 30 countries during the …


Finale-Halloween-Premium Nov. 12, 2019

Today at 10pm our Halloween premium promotion ends with the 50% bonus on moonCoins and gem packages. Last call to get your bonus:

Halloween Premium +50 Bonus

Ciao from Uncle Pumpkin

Increasing crescent moon Oct. 22, 2019

It took us almost a year of work to get RedMoon's business, platform and tools off the ground. With the general moonID update, our new hosting infrastructure, the build pipeline, automated testing, we are at the technical forefront again. That was the necessary foundation on which everything else is now built. Some construction sites, such as a further update of the payments, will follow as the platform expands.
Once again, we bring the existing games to the new technology. Now, for the first time, we can update the game worlds centrally and quickly. Improve a bug and roll out an update immediately, effort four minutes and no longer four weeks. You understand what this means for all of us in daily gaming.

When will the games come?

  • KnightFight is currently going through translations and will start with the new game world in the next weeks.
  • The new development of MonstersGame is going ahead, but the relaunch will be next year.
  • To get ahead on the game front, we are involved in copublishing with Indiependent developers. These are mainly small and interesting projects that fit in well with us and our platform. The first project Wizard Tower will be playable this year.

RedMoon Family

In order to do all this in the support, we have Patti at our side next to Tommelchen and so that there is something for the eye next to technology and support, our legendary creative and creator of the MonstersGame and KnightFight Designs Raffaele Picca will join us again. Welcome everyone!


In this sense, we are approaching the fuller moon for a long time. We are looking forward to the next round with you and would like to thank you for your loyalty with the current Halloween Premium Promotion and Uncle Pumpkin.

Patti and the Pumpkin

moonID update 2: Markdown support Oct. 15, 2019

Another night shift later...

... and we now have Markdown support for forums, private messages and news posts.

This is the bigger update we originally wanted to ship on Sunday, but there were still a few very nasty bugs left to solve before we felt this would be ready to be deployed.

So essentially this means that you can now write structured messages with formatting and other elements, here is a small demo:

I'm quoting something here 📣

Look, some image:


We also support tables
YAY why not? 🤷
1 2 3 4

And while we were particularily annoyed by the Re: Re: Re: some subject in private messages, we also fixed this and replying to a message no longer will annoy you with a stream of Re:petitive stuff.

moonID update 1: Weblate Oct. 14, 2019

Stage 1 of the October update is now live and running, and thanks to Aszlig's night shifts without dropouts in the game action. In the background we now have Weblate, a renowned service with which we can control games and portal moonID and translate them with our combined forces. This was still one of the big points with the update of our games. If someone would like to work on the translations / texts in the German area, please contact me.

Rollout of update on Sunday the 13th of October 2019, 01:00 UTC Oct. 11, 2019

We're going to roll out a moonID update on Sunday at 01:00 UTC (that is 03:00 German time).

The downtime will be around 5 minutes if all goes well and if not, it could take up to 1 hour (very unlikely, but you'll never know).

Since we don't yet know whether all the features we intend to roll out will be polished enough, we can't say at this point whether all of them will make the cut, so we'll write a follow-up post informing you on what has changed.

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