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cvd RedMoon
Posted March 26, 2019, 3:34 p.m.

in the last weeks we have rolled out the moonID backend update and our new hosting infrastructure. This means that the platform is now running on the latest technology and works faster and more secure. We rely on NixOS and remain loyal to our host Hetzner in Falkenstein and Nuremberg. All RedMoon games will have the same infrastructure with the next update.

Selected changes in the moonID backend

  • Software Update: Django 2.1.7 and Python 3.7 with type annotations
  • Extension of the automated test suite
  • New webserver: nginx (instead of lighttpd)
  • password validation against haveibeenpwned (only local, i.e. no requests are sent to the HIBP API).
  • Fixes of security gaps
  • Exchange of weak encryption algorithms
  • Statt fastcgi is now used uWSGI in the backend (also for optimized caching and sandboxing)
  • Removing requests to external sites (eg. Google)
  • Time-zone-aware Timestamps
  • phase-out of pycrypto
  • Removing redundant (JavaScript) code
  • Backend code is now in the Nix-Store and can no longer be written in case of an attack
  • Use HTTP Strict Transport Security, forbid frame embed, content-type sniff/XSS-protection
  • Game connector enhancements
  • Better integration of different languages for database-driven texts
  • Optimized Build Pipeline and CI based on Hydra
    • 312 further changes/fixes...
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