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moonID.net - Please discuss stuff about moonID hereKnightFight Gilden → DE15/PL11/INT5 | [+39] Pissed Off Spaghetti

Posted Sept. 2, 2022, 2:36 p.m.

We are Pissed Off Spaghetti

Our guild was born on 09/05/2020 of a passionate group of Italians. Before then not everyone played all together but then meeting in a foreign land we decided to join and follow the war together. Over time our group has become international because Mexican friends have joined our destiny. Between one battle and another, we relax in the tavern where new wars are planned between a beer and a plate of Spaghetti.
We accept other spaghetti eats , the important thing that they give everything for the group, respect, passion, hard work and ambition!

Our Guild on DE15

  • Countess Bathory
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Enigmista
  • Araba Fenice
  • Escanor
  • The puzzle
  • MrBHO
  • Dark Warrior
  • XaViRe
  • Rustichello da Montelupo
  • alexandra70
  • Whitexx
  • La Muerte
  • Anti Mage
  • Mohicana
  • Lilith
  • DragoCursed

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