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moonID.net - Please discuss stuff about moonID hereIdeas → Some ideas and tweaks for KF.

Posted April 1, 2024, 5:10 p.m.
Edited by Zhenriel April 1, 2024, 5:15 p.m.

It's just some ideas I've had or things that need to be tweaked:

1) Separate elemental defense from base defense in the status screen:

The battle results tab shows the correct values for damage and defenses but the status page does not.

Soul stone damage is always added to the attack unless it’s absorbed, but elemental defenses only apply if they match the damage type of your opponent’s soul stones.

So keeping them merged is misleading since the base defense is the only value that will always be relevant and the elemental defenses from amulets, are a conditional bonus IF your opponent has a matching soul stone element.

2) Fix accuracy and parrying formulas:

Accuracy and parrying formulas are so out-of-whack that there’s a lot of entropy to the point where there’s outliers and outcomes in battles that simply shouldn’t be possible or are outright ridiculous. In other words, it’s excessive luck for your opponent and bad luck for you to the point of absurdity, EVEN when you dominate in most stats; it’s as if they have your higher stats and you have their lower ones.

The binary nature of accuracy and parrying is partly to blame. To fix this you can introduce a formula that can diminish bad luck (in other words, an anti-entropic formula) with a persistence bonus that gradually increases accuracy with each miss or reduces accuracy with each hit, based on the gap between your parrying and fighting ability, and those of your opponent.

The more it happens in a row, especially when there's a big gap, the better the bonus becomes. These persistence bonuses can then reset when a parry or a hit is successful. Just something you can try out to make battles feel a litlte smoother. Good luck is obviously fine, it's the extreme cases that need to be smoothed out. You just have to find the right balance.

3) Soul stone pricing is off:

From +3 to +4, it seems like it’s supposed to be a +1000 increment but it jumps to +3000 and then goes back to +1000 which is weird. I don’t know about other levels but if the wiki prices are correct, then there’s some really strange pricing going on at higher levels too.

+1 >> 350 Gold >> OK
+2 >> 1350 Gold (+1000) >> OK
+3 >> 2350 Gold (+1000) >> OK
+4 >> 5350 Gold (+3000) >> Should be 3350 Gold
+5 >> 6350 Gold (+1000) >> Should be 4350 Gold
+6 >> 7350 Gold (+1000) >> Should be 5350 Gold

4) Give two-handers a strength penalty instead of dexterity:

Two-hander Berserker is very popular because it’s very effective and easy to build and they can ignore Dexterity. And the penalty they receive means nothing because they don’t use armor.

One-handers have a Dexterity penalty on their shields to weaken their strong point, but two-handers don’t have their strong point weakened and they can also get extra sockets faster AND they gain a bigger bonus from critical hits (50% more damage from their high base damage).

This change could help balance things out even at lower levels and make it so that if you go Berserker you’ll have to build more strength to offset the penalties received from stronger weapons.

There's a few more things I've had in mind, but these will do for now.

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