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Great in game statistics Global and server-based highscore lists Fresh menu design based on HTML5 Units move in real-time on a historic map Up to 500 real players on a single map Regular updates with new content
Extensive province upgrading, resource trading, and diplomacy
In Supremacy 1914, you take control of one from 30 countries during the First World War. With clever strategy and diplomacy, you'll rewrite history.
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30 playable nations
Choose a nation and and play against players from all over the world as well as against intelligent AI opponents.
Units move in real time
On realistic maps from 1914, you command many different types of units on land, at sea and in the air.
Extensive province upgrades, resource trading and diplomacy
Build a working infrastructure and form powerful alliances. It’s the only way to victory!
Unique spy mode
Assign spies to infiltrate your opponents (or your allies).
Ranking, awards and more than 10,000 parallel games
Gain prestige by receiving awards for exceptional achievements and rise to the top of the ranking.



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An obsession with power and the hunger for resources have brought the continent to the edge of self-destruction. Form powerful alliances, build your economy, and prepare your nation for war. Lead your men into battle and become the ruler of Europe.

In Supremacy 1914, the player takes the reins in one of more than 30 countries at the time of World War I. Intelligent strategies and skillful diplomacy are needed in order to defeat all opponents.

Units move in real-time on a historical map. Along with intelligent AI, the most important features are upgrading provinces, diplomacy and a unique spy mode as well as elaborate resource trading. Through exceptional efforts, the player can also earn awards and rise to the top in the global ranking.

The Browser Game of the Year 2009 is played by more than 1.5 Million players worldwide, who play in more than 10,000 parallel games on four different maps.
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Name Language Start date Status
Supremacy 1914 German June 12, 2012
Supremacy 1914 English Feb. 7, 2012

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