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News → Jan. 1, 2022 Page:  1 2 3 »

Happy new year 2023 Dec. 31, 2022

We wish you a good start into the new year 2023, come in well!

Your CRATR.games Team

Christmas premium promotion 22 Dec. 19, 2022

Bad Santa has landed on our MonstersGame game worlds again. Fortunately, the MonstersGame concept is also taking shape, so that we will be able to use it to apply for funding at the beginning of next year.

KnightFight's new Battleground implementation is also taking shape and will soon make sure that plenty of Zombies will be available. In parallel, the consolidation of the game worlds and an improved mobile version are scheduled for next year.

In Forum and Discord Chat Server we would like to thank all players for participating in our Xmas events. You are just great! It is a matter of the heart for us to give more news, ideas and fun to these events and we are looking forward to good times together.

Thank you very much for your loyalty! We are happy to offer you our Christmas promotion again this year: From December 19. from 10pm until January 10. 10pm you can get the 50% bonus when buying Mooncoins, Blood Drops and Gemstone Packs: 👉 premium promotion

Our gift stash promotion is still running and we wish all seekers good luck!

Advent time 3. Dec. 11, 2022

To all creative people among you,

Today we would like to have Christmas, winter poems that revolve around KnightFight or MonstersGame.

The users will later decide which is the best poem by leaving comments under the respective post.

The poem with the most comments will win 250 MoonCoins.

The campaign runs until 17.12.2022 / 16.00 hrs.

We are very curious to see who is a poet and thinker here.

Your CRATR.games Team

Advent time Dec. 1, 2022

You knights and monsters,
and those who want to become one,
it is worthwhile to look daily at our forum, the CRATR.games Father Christmas distributes daily gifts,
look for them here in the forum in the German as well as in the English area.

(Just an example how the gift looks like and that there is a code for you underneath)

Please give other players a chance.
We wish you a wonderful Advent season.

Happy Advent 🕯️ Nov. 28, 2022

Who opens the treasure chest?

Actually quite simple, the key is the value of the yellow soul stone!

Please post the solution in the forum. The first correct answer will win 500 MoonCoins.

Have a good start to the week!

CRATR.games Riddle1

#CRATRgames #MonstersGame #KnightFight

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🖤 Oct. 22, 2022

Hello knights and monsters,
it's that time again: trick or treat 🍬

That means for you, our Premium Promotion with 50% more MoonCoins for all MoonID purchases runs this year from 22.10.22 / 22:00 until 12.11.2022 / 22:00.

👉 Premium Promotion

For MonstersGame players, the good, sometimes cruel Uncle Pumpkinhead is back in the game. We are curious who will be the first to report him here this time or via the relevant social channels under #onkelkuerbis.

Thank you for your support and loyalty!


#cratrgames #monstergame #knightfight #promotion #halloween

KnightFight Bugfix 12.09.2022 Sept. 12, 2022

Tonight at 03:00 AM CEST a KnightFight bugfix will be applied.

Fix image proxy caching in player profile descriptions
Fix invalid female eyebrow variation in avatars
Fix language of emails always being English
Fix text overflow on weapon upgrade page
Fix wrong images for recently added soul stones
Limit level to a maximum of 1000
Replace jewels icon by battlepoints icon on Battleground

  • Thanks to .DaRKKNeSS. and EdgarMK for the Italian and Spanish translations.

This update is necessary for the upcoming Battleground update.
The game will be unavailable for 1-2 minutes.

[MG] The Battle for the Top, Game World MG INT 1 and INT 2 Sept. 3, 2022

Hello vampires and werewolves,
it's time to go head-to-head (player vs. player). We look at the top 100 fighters and the top 10 win. The event runs only on MonstersGame INT 1 and INT 2.

How do you take part?
Simply from 11.09.2022 15.00 h until 18.09.2022 15.00 h you fight on INT 1 and INT 2 what the elders give. During this period we will count your fights (7 days), it doesn't matter if you won, lost or drew.

The winner receives 5,000
2nd place receives 3.000
3rd place receives 1.000
the top 10 get 500 MoonCoins each.

There is one rule, we do not allow any sitting during this period.

May the ancestors be with you!

Guilds / Clan introductions and search Sept. 1, 2022

Hello all,

ZuTyy- and my wenigkeit have brought back the area for guilds / clan area to introduce, / apply and search here on moonid,
we would be glad if this area finds again appeal and you diligently your guilds / clan introduces or gladly also search for it can be posted from now on there :)
For questions in this area we are available to you with pleasure.

For KnightFight guilds : Here

For MonstersGame Clans : Here

We would be happy to receive your suggestions and ideas.

Your CRATR.games Team

Summertime Premium Action ends today Aug. 22, 2022

so don't miss it: we take the last orders for our summer premium with plus 50% MoonCoins up to 10 pm today 😀⏰
👉 Premium Action

Have a good time!

Knight in the woods

#knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #action #sale


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