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Summertime Premium Action ends today Aug. 22, 2022

so don't miss it: we take the last orders for our summer premium with plus 50% MoonCoins up to 10 pm today 😀⏰
👉 Premium Action

Have a good time!

Knight in the woods

#knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #action #sale

A new QualityMatch has started Aug. 12, 2022

Hello all,

the colleagues from QualityMatch have rolled out an update today to fix the bugs caused by the last time, at the same time the statues and dolls have been retired, so watch out!

You have to decide if the human is completely visible on the picture (Yes, thumbs up) or not (No, thumbs down).

We wish you a lot of fun with this and hope that everything will work as usual again.

CRATR Summertime Aug. 1, 2022

Mea Culpa, it has been quiet here for a long time, too long! These are the reasons:


we roll out the Battleground relaunch today, everything is new. Nudists zombies are history, zombies are abundant, the BE goes higher. So that you can test in detail and find your way around again, the well-known Battleground action starts immediately. What a nut!
The next round will be about optimization for mobile and we will start a test project to merge game worlds.
To keep you up to date here and in the future, ZuTyy will support you as official KnighFight contact from today on. He will also plan the next big KnightFight battles.

MonstersGame Relaunch

Turned out to be an even bigger and harder nut to crack and unfortunately we had to scrap our existing approach and are now starting all over again. In order to get the project on the desired flight level in the next attempt, we have brought back an experienced producer in Dan, who will also push the project with the game funding. One thing is for sure, the next MonstersGame will be strongly mobile based.


To ensure that we are also prepared in this area, we took a huge opportunity and merged with a Hamburg-based company that has already successfully launched three mobile games. So we get games, with Atlas a technical base and with Stephan and Dino two new super shareholders and top developers in the crater.

Heart of Muriet

Microtale and Matthias are making fantastic progress in the world of Muriet. Here we go with a Kickstarter in the next few weeks and in all likelihood, then a Steam Early Access in the first quarter of next year. On Steam Wishlists is already going.


Thanks to the Hamburg-based initiative Gamecity, we will be presenting Heart of Muriet at Gamescom in the Indie Arena Booth, i.e. at our own booth. Game designer Matthias will be in Cologne this weekend, while Patti, Dan, a! and I will be holding down the fort in sections and are of course looking forward to your visit.

Summertime Premium

In any case we wish you a peaceful summer, stay healthy, have fun in the CRATR.games and as meanwhile already good tradition, we want to thank you for your loyalty with the Summertime Premium Action: 👉 Premium Action

Have a good time!

Knight in the woods

#heartofmuriet #knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #action #sale #gameroasters #gc22


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