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QualityMatch Update April March 30, 2022

After some users yesterday had not noticed the switch to the new QualityMatch task and then collected the penalty, we have unblocked all users this morning.
As a reminder it is about: "People on bicycles" - not next to, under...
Have fun!


With the new QualityMatch update, people on bicycles 🚵‍♀️ want to be detected. The dropouts of the last version have been fixed. Thanks again to all who helped with the clarification.

Have fun: moonid.net/payment/


#qualitymatch #cratrgames #moonid.net #payment

Quality Match server changeover on 03.03.22 March 2, 2022

Hello everyone, there will be a server change at Quality Match tomorrow on 03.03.22 in the period from approx. 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. (maybe a little longer).
During this time you will see the text "No tasks available".

Many thanks in advance

Happy Premium Valentine's Day 🖤 Feb. 14, 2022

A beautiful back, can also delight or a neck...

With the very best premium greetings from Aria Valentia for Valentine's Day. She is now live only in MonstersGame.

Get your 50% plus 👉 moonID.net/payment

Aria Valentinsday

#monstersgame #knightfight #cratrgames #moonid.net #premium #valentinstag

Light at the end of the tunnel Jan. 1, 2022

It was long, it was hard, finally 21 is done. It was a tough year. Surely also for many of you. We have been working with Aszlig on the new platform / MonstersGame relaunch. It all takes painfully longer than planned. Meanwhile we are in good spirits that in 22 for vampires and werewolves a new eternity will start.

KnightFight has received a number of improvements over the past year. The current KnightFight update will get the next stage of enhancements in the next two weeks.
Portal and payment are on a good level, with Quality Match we could win a great partner and service. This year, we will expand the small payments and the mobile area.

Big thanks also to Patti for her commitment on the support front, at least on the service side there is nothing to complain about. Besides the nice new tech, we want more action and more players in 22. Therefore we are pushing also marketing and are looking forward to new events.

We wish you all the best and health for the new round #22.
Ideas, suggestions and collaboration are more welcome than ever.
Take care of yourselves!

CRATR,games Happy New Year

#CRATR #knightfight #monstergame #hny22


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