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MonstersGame: Short-term maintenance April 2, 2024

Dear MonstersGame players, today at 16.00 we will be carrying out maintenance work on all MonstersGame worlds. During this time there might be some bugs.
We will try to keep this as short as possible.

Best regards
Your CRATR.games Team

Happy easter March 31, 2024

Our Jack Rabbit has had a few too many fights in MonstersGame and has lost some MoonID codes in the MoonID forum during the Easter campaign.
These can be found edited in various old posts.
In Discord you will also be able to find codes for raffles again.

Your CRATR.games Team

Happy Eastern Promotion March 28, 2024

The armies gather around the fortress of Steinhall. ZuTyy- takes over the coordination of attack and defense for the biggest server war KnightFight has ever seen.
We are very happy about the many old and new knights in KnightFight. For those who are not there yet: -> Steinhall
Despite the latest optimizations, farming is a thing again. As always, the familiar rules apply: one account per player, no farming and no deliberate gold distribution.

Meanwhile, Jack Rabbit has also climbed out of the MonstersGame nest and is distributing his popular eggs 🍳

With our promotion from 10 pm today until April 22nd, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and commitment and wish you a happy and peaceful Easter.

Your CRATR.games Team

Easterbunny 24

KnightFight Steinhall open March 15, 2024

Steinhall is online, and the first knights in battle -
join now Steinhall

So far the most interesting changes

  • Add fight report share buttons in mobile view
  • Fix displaying wrong socket count in fight reports
  • Make replay/mute buttons more obvious in fight reports
  • Reintroduce squire/recruitment URLs
  • Improve introduction message for new players
  • Fix display in battle reports if there's no equipment
  • Fix being possible to wield a two-handed weapon and shield at the same time if the inventory contained an unrelated item with the same ID as the shield
  • Prevent counting visitors via external images in profile descriptions
  • Don't ask for mobile version on a few views such as teaser, recruitment and fight reports
  • status: Add description for recruitment URL
  • Add Italian translations from DaRKKNeSS
  • Fix players getting jewels twice when recruited squire hits level 10
  • Remove superfluous fields during registration with mobile devices
  • Replace usage of the word "knave" with "squire"
  • Fix showing active warriors on Battleground page
  • Make sure gold cannot be negative
  • Implement getting 25% of loot from knighted squires
  • status: Hide full squire link description by default

KnightFight Steinhall


QualityMatch troubleshooting March 11, 2024

Small information from QualityMatch,
there was a problem in the queue so that for some the message "no available tasks" appeared, the problem has now been fixed.
Good luck with the light detection 💡

#QualityMatch #bugfix

MoonID Update March 8, 2024

Hello everyone, small moonID update for the weekend :

  • Allow game world language to be optional, which now implies that international game worlds will no longer be listed as English.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

KnightFight: update for medals and more March 4, 2024

Hello fellow knights,

today we are installing a small update for KnightFight that fixes some bugs.

  • Fix several bugs in handling stacked medals
  • Add game world name to title
  • Allow to join game world prior to actual launch

Best regards your CRATR.games team

KnightFight: Steinhall Feb. 28, 2024

We have a winner: Steinhall is the name of the new KnightFight world. Thanks to all the idea providers.

Unfortunately, we still have a showstopper and have to postpone the launch date once again. To make sure it works out, it will finally be Friday, March 15th at 6pm UTC.
I apologize for the postponement, I have to take the blame for that. The good thing is that we now have another two weeks to activate more players.

Either way, our Valentine's promo ends today. There will be no more promo before the launch.

Thank you for your loyalty. See you soon in Steinhall!

KnightFight Steinhall

#Steinhall #newworld

KnightFight: Steinhall VS. Vígríðr Feb. 26, 2024

Unbelievable, we have a play-off: Steinhall VS. Vígríðr. Your vote:
Vote here on moonID ➡️

In any case, the gates of the new world open on February 28 🚪

KightFight Namefinding

#namefinding #newworld

KnightFight: Name the world Vote Feb. 22, 2024

So listen up, all knights and knightesses,
it is announced that you can now vote for the name of the new world.
Please note that we do not allow votes from newly registered MoonID accounts on this post.
It is now also announced that the start of the new world has been postponed to 28.02.2024 due to a cosmetic error.

We wish you happy voting 🤞

🗺️ To the new KnightFight world vote

KF Namefinding

#namefinding #newworld

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