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Conversion nameserver April 27, 2019

this weekend we are moving our nameservers together, so there may be downtimes on moonID or the games until Monday evening. If everything goes as planned, there should be no downtime. Please post any conspicuous events directly here in the forum.

Premium Easter Campaign April 2, 2019

From April 1st at 10 p.m. until April 22nd at 10 p.m. we offer our Premium Easter Campaign. The premium promotion includes a 50% bonus on the purchase of all moonCoin packages.
Premium Easter Campaign

We wish you a happy Easter!

Update moonID March 26, 2019

in the last weeks we have rolled out the moonID backend update and our new hosting infrastructure. This means that the platform is now running on the latest technology and works faster and more secure. We rely on NixOS and remain loyal to our host Hetzner in Falkenstein and Nuremberg. All RedMoon games will have the same infrastructure with the next update.

Selected changes in the moonID backend

  • Software Update: Django 2.1.7 and Python 3.7 with type annotations
  • Extension of the automated test suite
  • New webserver: nginx (instead of lighttpd)
  • password validation against haveibeenpwned (only local, i.e. no requests are sent to the HIBP API).
  • Fixes of security gaps
  • Exchange of weak encryption algorithms
  • Statt fastcgi is now used uWSGI in the backend (also for optimized caching and sandboxing)
  • Removing requests to external sites (eg. Google)
  • Time-zone-aware Timestamps
  • phase-out of pycrypto
  • Removing redundant (JavaScript) code
  • Backend code is now in the Nix-Store and can no longer be written in case of an attack
  • Use HTTP Strict Transport Security, forbid frame embed, content-type sniff/XSS-protection
  • Game connector enhancements
  • Better integration of different languages for database-driven texts
  • Optimized Build Pipeline and CI based on Hydra
    • 312 further changes/fixes...
Supremacy 1914 Restart March 20, 2019

with a fresh tech and design approach. The highlights are

  • up to 500 players on one map
  • support of mobile devices
  • full moonID access

Join the battle: Supremacy 1914

Welcome back: Days of evil und My Funny Garden Jan. 18, 2019

die beliebten Media2Arts Titel sind wieder zurück in moonID:

Days of evil
My Funny Garden

Viel Spaß beim Erfinden und Ernten.

A fresh wind Dec. 19, 2018

From the 19th of December at 10 p.m. (in-game time) until the 10th of January at 10 p.m. (in-game time) we are again offering a holiday Premium special; throughout the special you will receive 50% more Premium currency in each jewel or moonCOIN package purchased. We want to thank you for playing our games and hope you enjoy your holidays and wish you a happy New Year!

Important information and details about the holiday Premium special can be found at Holiday special information.

For over 15 years Stefan AKA RedDevil made our hearts race with games such as IslandAssault, MonstersGame and KnightFight. Thank you RedDevil for all the good times! Unfortunately RedDevil had other responsibilities and firms in the past years that took up nearly all of his time, so he was unable to give RedMoon Studios the attention that it, the games and you players need.

I am Christian AKA cvd (moonID cvd, KFDE13, MGDE24) and was the managing director of RedMoon Studios in 2011. During my time at RedMoon we were able to improve KnightFight and MonstersGame and opened our portal moonid.net. Now Tom, Aszlig, Gerpir, Manu and I will be bringing RedMoon into the next phase.

We have a few things planned for 2019; along with gaming fun we want to improve security, reliability and service. Currently moonID, KnightFight, MonstersGame and our server cluster are being modernized and updated.

We will attempt to carry out the updates with no disruption in service for you players, if there are problems in the next few weeks, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We are hard at work! During the update period we will make the update process transparent for you by adding update news on moonid.net, in the game toolbar and in the Facebook forums for the games.

We wish you and your families great holidays and good fights in-game. 2019 will be our year - long live RedMoon Studios!


Halloween Premium special Oct. 23, 2018

The Halloween Premium special is valid from October 22nd at 10:00 p.m. (in-game time) until November 12th at 10:00 p.m. (in-game time). The Premium special involves a 50% increase in the amount of Premium currency credited for each package purchased.

  • moonID - 50% more moonCOINs are credited for each moonCOIN package purchased
  • MonstersGame - 50% more Blood Crystals are credited for each Blood Crystal package purchased
  • KnightFight - 50% more jewels are credited for each jewel package purchased

Important notices about the Halloween Premium special:

  • The Halloween special affects ALL Premium currency packages (e.g. moonCOIN packages, jewel packages, Blood Crystal packages, Platinum packages etc.) that are purchased during the special. Any packages BOUGHT after the 12th of November at 10:00 p.m. (in-game time) will only be credited as normal Premium currency packages.

  • We cannot credit any “lost Halloween Premium special bonus” for packages bought late or received after the stated Halloween special period of validity. If the payment AND receipt of the packages in your account have not taken place until the 12th of November at 10:00 p.m. (in-game time), we cannot carry out any manual credits to your account. For this reason we strongly suggest that you participate early if you want to take advantage of the Halloween special.

  • Additionally, we must point out that any bank transfers made from outside of Germany can take several days to complete, especially if the transfers are made from outside of the European Union. As stated above, we cannot carry out a manual credit for any payments received after the Halloween Premium special has expired, so please consider this before making a transfer.

Your RedMoonStudios Team

The second international MonstersArmy world has been started! Sept. 10, 2015

A new international MonstersArmy game world has started. You can select from all available language sets and play against players from all over the world - the available languages include German, Englisch, French and Portuguese.
It's tournament based and each round will last one year.
Register right away for the new world so that you have an early start and can be among the best!

You will find the new server here: Go and fight!

List of Play&Win winners: week ending September 1st, 2014 Sept. 7, 2014

These are the winners for the week ending September 1st, 2014:

1 Kam 369551
2 Eduardo 353068
3 Magma22 335374
4 DeDi 333017
6 Pelo74 327988
7 Modor 327481
8 YoMismo 326639
9 mackgun 322463
10 GeeN 321657

And these are the 10 randomly chosen lucky winners:


Congratulations to all winners and lots of luck for this week!

List of Play&Win winners: week ending August 25th, 2014 Sept. 7, 2014

These are the winners for the week ending August 25th, 2014:

1 Kam 371389
2 Surwivor 363878
3 Royo 358069
4 Fear 340866
5 BloodyPain 333672
7 Kryptor 331276
8 DeDi 329286
9 Pelo74 328698
10 GeeN 327258

And these are the 10 randomly chosen lucky winners:


Congratulations to all winners and lots of luck for this week!

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