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Xmas Premium 21 Dec. 20, 2021

The last MonstersGame FightEvent is hardly over, the credit cards are still smoking, when Bad Santa jumps on stage. A fierce year is approaching its finale. Thank you for a lot of activity, fun and feedback. Of course, our Christmas campaign may not be missing this year:

From December 20, 10pm to January 10, 10pm there is 50% bonus when buying moonCOIN, blood drop and gemstone packs.

-> XMAS Premium 21

All KnightFight heros have to be patient with the unpacking, but it's not Christmas yet.


#knightfight #monstersgame #cratrgames #aktion #sale

News in moonID Payment: Credit cards and new Quality Match Dec. 18, 2021

We are happy to announce that we have a credit card solution live again together with our payment partner MicroPayment. This means that we already have Mastercard and VISA as payment options again. With the next provider, we will then also bring the exotic methods back on board.

Who has not yet noticed: The bikes were changed Quality Match by a new challenging people puzzle.

moonID credit card

#moonID #payment #creditcard #visa #mastercard #qualitymatch

[MG] The battle for the top game world MonstersGame INT 2 Dec. 5, 2021

Hello all you vampires and werewolves from MonstersGame INT 2,
it's time to compete against each other (player against player). We will look at the top 100 fighters and the top 10 will win.

The winner gets 5.000
2nd place gets 3.000
3rd place receives 1.000
the top 10 each 500 moonCoins.

How to participate? Simply from 05.12.2021 15.00 clock until 12.12.2021 15.00 clock you fight on International 2, what the elders give. In the period we count your fights (7 days), it does not matter whether won fights, defeats or draws.
There is one rule: in this period we do not allow any sitting.

May the ancestors be with you!

MonstersGames Event

Advent Advent... Nov. 28, 2021

Uncle Pumpkin is not yet rolled off the field, there flames already the first Advent.

Maybe some of you haven't noticed it yet. With the payment update, we have also revived the coupon function. Here are test candidates. Who comes first...


If it stopped working, the coupons were already taken.
And yes everyone only one cross!
Santa Claus is still coming.

CRATR 1. Advent

[KF] KnightFight: Weapon Sharpening Nov. 19, 2021

Hello knights,

Thanks again to everyone for the information about the display error in the overview of the defense reports. We were able to find the cause quickly.

As part of the update week, the reports now show the level of Weapon Sharpening.

Your CRATR.games/team 😅

KnightFight: Weapon Sharpening

#knightfight #update

[KF] KnightFight Update from 2 am (UTC) Nov. 9, 2021

KnightFight update stage 3 (16.-17.11.)

We are currently rolling out the last stage of the update. In the process, some older fight reports will be deleted. If everything fits now, we are through on that front.
Please then once again eyes open and all oddities into the: ->Bug Forum.
Thanks for your help 🌼

Noble knights -

As you can see, KnightFight has received a dramatic update. The technology is now up to date again and the game is in top form in terms of speed and security.

The reason for the update is the launch of the new combat system. The system has been completely rebuilt, the dice luck has been re-implemented and everything has been put on a deterministic basis. For the frontline, this means less perceived arbitrariness, fairer fights and thus toitoitoi more fun in the game. At the same time, every single battle can be analysed from a seed, so that we can optimise the balancing much better in the medium term.

The new battle system is immediately followed by Battleshare: every knight can now share his battle directly. The link to the battle can be copied from the browser bar or distributed via the Battleshare service. We will also visually enhance the Battleshare link.

After the launch of the new battle system, the old battle reports are now expiring on the battlefield. This will take another week, then we will move on to the construction site.

First of all, here and as Patti has already written, if you notice any issues with the new combat system, please post them in the bug section without being shy. Even if you notice something small, everything helps ->Bug Forum

Tonight (10th of November) from 2am (UTC) before sunrise -
KnightFight will get an update.

The game may still be unavailable after sunrise -
we are on it ⚔️

Thank you for your understanding!
Your CRATR.games Team

KnightFight Battleground

Trick or Treat Oct. 21, 2021

Hello knights and monsters, it's that time again: trick or treat.
For you, this means that our premium promotion still runs up to 12.11.21/10:00 pm (server time).

-> Happy Halloween premium promotion

For MonstersGame players, the generaly good but occasionally cruel Uncle Pumpkinhead is back in the game. We are curious who will find him first this time. Either way, whoever catches him, please post the results here or via the relevant social channels under #onkelkuerbis.

Thank you for your support and loyalty!


Media2Arts: Days of Evil / My funny Garden / Slayer of Souls Oct. 20, 2021

all certificates are fresh again and our three favourite Media2Arts titles are back in full, i.e. Mooncoins can be exchanged for Seels again.

-> Days of Evil

Days of Evil

Bye Bye Skrill / Moneybookers Oct. 17, 2021

As you will have noticed, we have updated our payment system in the last few months and switched the providers from RedMoon to CRATR.games. This went differently depending on the provider, from supersmooth: Paysafe Card to not at all: Skrill/ Moneybookers. We will now say goodbye to the latter and replace it with a new payment. All players who currently still have funds in their Skrill / Moneybookers account should exchange them for Mooncoins as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date.

Skrill Logo

#moonID #payment #skrill #moneybookers

QualityMatch: Server downtime Oct. 15, 2021

QualityMatch is back and running: -> Payment

We would like to inform you that the QualityMatch server will will be today 15.10.2021 down at 16h CEST for up to 5 minutes.
Please note that any submissions made during that time will be lost, therefore we advise to stop the work for the specified time.

QualityMatch Logo

#payment #qualitymatch

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