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Extension Pentecost Action 23 May 22, 2023

According to Wikipedia, Pentecost Monday is actually 29 May. We are extending the promotion until 22:00 on 31 May 2023. Thanks again for all the tips.
All the more happy Whitsun to all the players. Thank you for your loyalty, fighting spirit and patience and continue with up to 50% more MoonCoins, blood drops or gems.

-> Pentecost action

Apart from that, we would also like to recommend Discord and Facebook to you.
Have a nice Whitsun time and enjoy the days.

Pentecost Action 23 May 17, 2023

According to Wikipedia, Whit Monday is a public holiday in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Hungary, Denmark and in large parts of Switzerland.
Hallelujah, free time to play.

For all our faithful in the other parts of Switzerland and the rest of the world, there is also a premiere this year, the Whitsun promotion.

We wish all players happy Whitsun days, and to celebrate this with you, we are launching our first Whitsun promotion.

Thank you for your loyalty, fighting spirit and patience! As a small thank you, we are running our Whitsun promotion with up to 50% more MoonCoins, Blood Drops or Gems.
-> Whitsun action

Apart from that, we would also like to recommend Discord and Facebook.
Have a nice Pentecost and enjoy the days.

[MG] Bugusing May 3, 2023

We have invested a lot of time to keep Blood & Flesh clean from irregularities. Unfortunately, we have found that there are some players who have found a twist again. We are in the process of closing this hole. At the same time we can analyse the usage well and will pull out all players in a radical and automated way. We will continue to drive the hard edge there in the future so that we can all continue to have fun with MontersGame and Blood & Flesh.


[KF] Battleground hotfix April 28, 2023

Hello, dear knighthood,

we would like to announce that our developer has implemented a new NPC-templates version, i.e. there should be significantly more NPCs available.
In addition, it should be noted:

The NPC-templates were generated based on skill/attribute values of players who were not on the Battleground.

This should hopefully provide a few more one-handers, but since they are generally outnumbered, it probably won't solve the problem completely.

MonstersGame World: Blood & Flesh Launched April 7, 2023

Dear MonstersGame player,
You've waited a long time for this, and now the time has come:
the gates to Blood & Flesh are open!
We wish all players a lot of fun on the last classic MonstersGame world!
For the good old Bite link

MonstersGame: Blood & Flesh

MonstersGame maintenance and adjustments April 6, 2023

Dear MonstersGame players,
as we are currently carrying out maintenance work and adjustments to all game worlds, we will unfortunately have to take them offline for a short time.
Unfortunately, the exact time period cannot yet be determined, but we will display an in-game message** one hour beforehand**.

MonstersGame Welt: Blood & Flesh April 4, 2023

-->MonstersGame: Blood & Flesh

Thank you again for your active participation in the naming of the new world.
The participation and the results were very good. However, the neck-and-neck race was fuelled by multi-accounts.
After the purge, the final winner was determined and it is:
:drop_of_blood: Blood & Flesh.

Also the two suggestions: Last bloodshed and The Final Battle we found top and thank all three idea creators with 1.000 MoonCoins each.

This means that the start date of MonstersGame: Blood & Flesh
In order not to keep you in suspense any longer, the new world will be launched on
**7 April 18:00 CEST :rocket:.

Jack's Easter promo 23 April 1, 2023

It's bunny and egg time again and Mister Jack Rabbit is waiting for you.

We are still in the spell of the last, new, old MonstersGame world. Until tomorrow the name search is still running. Please vote here.
Our application for the new development of MonstersGame looks like it was made from scratch. Please cross your fingers and claws here.

Just like for the optimized, mobile KnightFight version. It will still take some time. For Battleground we pressed the pause button. Before we continue, we also have to work on project rudwin, the rework of the balancing of one and two-handers.

Apart from that, we would also like to recommend Discord and Instagram.
We honor your battle results under #JackRabbit, as always on all channels.

Thank you for your loyalty, fighting spirit and patience! As a small thank you, we are running our easter premium promotion with 50% more mooncoins, blood drops or gems
-> Easter premium promotion

We wish you and your families good and relaxing days 🙂


#promo #easter

[MG] Name for finale world wanted March 27, 2023

Thanks for your votes! The choice seems clear at first glance, but we'll go over it again, because some multiaccounts have crept in. The final result will be published tomorrow during the day. We will keep you up to date!

Vote die finale MonstersGame Welt

The last, final MonstersGame world needs an appropriate name!

Please post your suggestions here in the moonID announcement. We will bring a top 10 with a final vote at the end of the week.

First suggestion: EternalDarkness.

The name inventor gets 1.000 MoonCoins and has the honor.

MonstersGame NameFinding


[KF] PvP-FightEvent on INT5 from March 17 to March 24 March 16, 2023

Next Friday at midnight our PvP-FightEvent starts on KnightFight: INT5

Compete and get a top 10 ranking in the PvP highscore to receive a reward.
Note one thing; it's not about making the most fights but winning honorable fights! The defeated opponent should be of the same level or stronger to get more PvP points.
This event will be held on Int5.

1st place: 5.000MC
2nd place: 3.000MC
3rd place: 1.000MC
Place 4-10: 500 MC

Keep your swords ready!

KnigthFight FightEvent 2303

#CRATRgames #KnightFight #Browsergame #amazing #motivation

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