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Premium Aktion June 3, 2012

So lange erhaltet ihr noch 50% mehr moonCOINs auf alle Premium-Pakete, die im Portal gekauft werden!

moonID Update 0.9.4 May 31, 2012

We will do a brief update tomorrow (01.06.2012) 15:00 server time.

Patchnotes will follow soon.

Test server TechWarrior added to games May 25, 2012

Today we have added a test server for the next game which will be connected to moonID - TechWarrior.

Each test pilot will be given 1500 platinum bars to have a good start for testing! Let the games begin! :)

moonID Update 0.9.3 May 16, 2012

We will do a brief update today (16.05.2012) 15:00 server time.

Check out the linked forum post for patch notes and further information.

moonID Update 0.9.2 May 8, 2012


Buddylist Usernames in buddylist and buddy overview now link to user profiles.

Profile Names of recruited friends now link to user profiles. Bugfix: Fix crash when watching public profiles Bugfix: Fix crash when uploading transparent avatar

Toolbar Added link to forums in toolbar support tab. Bugfix: Dropdowns on game pages work in Opera

Forum Bugfix: Comment show/hide button does not switch from German to English anymore.

News Rework of news box style Add visibility flag for teasers (e.g. to hide register teaser for registered users)

General Typo fixes

Internal Stuff Better logging for our APIs, API changes, Integration of an affiliate partner

Register now and receive 250 moonCOINs! April 18, 2012

Players who register an account on the new moonID portal will receive a welcome bonus of 250 moonCOINs for a limited time. Make use of this offer as long as it lasts.

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