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Call2Pay and Sofortüberweisung live again Oct. 6, 2021

Micropayments Call2Pay and Klarnas Sofortüberweisung are back in moonID payment.

-> Payment

#payment #sofort. #sofortüberweisung #micropayment #call2pay

Problems with Premium / Gold Dive Oct. 1, 2021

problem solved

Hello all,
currently some players report that they have problems despite existing MoonCoins / gems / blood drops neither Premium, gold exchange or manhunt or missions can accelerate.
The problem is being investigated, please be patient and excuse this inconvenience.

#payment #premium

[KF] KnightFight: Small bugfix of the avatars Sept. 27, 2021

Dear knighthood,
thanks to the help of ZuTyy-
we were able to make the knighthood look nicer again
and have adjusted the collar size optimally



Vampire or Werwolf? Sept. 26, 2021

Choose your side and please go vote! Germans only today ;)



KnightFight: It can happen so quickly Sept. 15, 2021

You noble knights -
the honest merchant who washed the silver coins himself was yesterday. Today, is bribed and cheated wherever the noble knight's eye looks. Now, even in the bazaar, of course, only for a small fund, the next load is also immediately carted. What still has to happen...

Have fun and stay respectable!
Your CRATR Team

KnightFight Basar

#knightfight #bazaar

More information on the scrolls

Summer special 2021 Aug. 1, 2021

Value knighthood and monsters, to sweeten you the summer rainy days a little, we start today on 01.08.2021 at 10 pm our summer premium special! Up to the 22.08.2021 at 10 pm you will receive on all packages (moonCOINS, gemstone, blood drop packages) a 50% PLUS.

Please be aware that we can‘t retroactively credit any payments as "special". Payment and crediting must be completed by 22.08.2019 at 10 pm. Please remember also our new bank account at the HASPA (IBAN DE19200505501501409146) and that bank transfers from abroad can take some days. Even in case of a late credit note, we are not able to carry out belated payments.

Enjoy the summer and have fun playing :)
Your CRATR.games team

Summer special 2021

New bank account July 19, 2021

In the wake of our CRATR.games conversion there is a new bank account. In the payment we have already adapted the template for some time. From now on only the new account will work. The coordinates are:

CRATR.games GmbH
IBAN DE19200505501501409146


Thanks again for the great cooperation and support from Sparkasse Neuburg Rain over the long years.

Small KnightFight fixes June 7, 2021

KnightFight Face

Dear Knights,
We have made a small update for you and thus made it possible to create the knight "Bubbi Bartless":

  • For Set 3 it is now also possible to create knight avatars without beard
  • Small improvement in language files
  • Error correction in the Italian language
The battle for the top game world INT 1 has started May 30, 2021

Hello vampires and werewolves of game world INT 1,

The battle is on, all your battles against other players on this server will be counted until 06.06.2021 15.00, it doesn't matter if you win, lose or draw.

The event runs only on Monstersgame INT 1.

Everyone can participate from level 1 to level 400 and more. It doesn't matter how many fights you have had before. An extra registration is not necessary, because we will look for you at our fighters who have landed in our internal top 100. You only have to fight as hard as you can, show who has the longest breath with the sheer number of fights.

This action will end on 06.06.2021 at 15.00 and we will then evaluate the list.

There is one rule, we do not allow any sitting during this period.

The winner receives 5,000

2nd place receives 3,000

3rd place receives 1.000

the top 10 get 500 moonCoins each.

May the ancestors be with you!

MG] The Battle for the Top Game World MG INT 1 May 27, 2021

Hello vampires and werewolves of MonstersGame INT 1,

it's time to go head-to-head (player vs. player). We look at the top 100 fighters and the top 10 win.

The event runs only on Monstersgame INT 1.

How to participate? Simply from 30.05.2021 15.00 until 06.06.2021 15.00 you fight on International 1 what the elders give. During this period we will count your fights (7 days), it doesn't matter if you win, lose or draw.

The winner gets 5.000

2nd place receives 3,000

3rd place receives 1.000

the top 10 get 500 moonCoins each.

There is one rule, we do not allow any sitting during this period.

May the ancestors be with you!

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