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List of winners - Play&Win Sept. 17, 2012
These are the winners from last week:

1 3585960 Cybork
2 3293895 ThorTheThunder
3 3234945 kOhLaH
4 3190095 Shamz
5 2967780 Doidao
6 2766330 cathar1
7 2731125 Eduardo
8 2717790 Beelzebub
9 2697840 Ahriman
10 2630325 Mandy

And these are the 10 randomly chosen lucky winners:


Congratulations to all winners and lots of luck for this week!
List of winners - Play&Win Sept. 11, 2012
These are the winners of last week:

1 2492160 ThorTheThunder
2 2213895 Suhrim
3 1765935 Moon
4 1701600 SirNunes
5 1510185 techrobowarrior
6 1499565 Bloodmoon93
7 1357950 Lady_Lillith
8 1265625 Doidao
9 1212180 kOhLaH
10 1183515 matikaar

And these are the 10 randomly chosen lucky winners:


Congratulations to all winners! And lots of luck for this week!
Supremacy 1914: Exclusive Bomber Preview Aug. 23, 2012
A brand new unit has found its way into Supremacy 1914: The bomber is an air unit that will open up many
new strategic opportunities. With its high range and great firepower, it is very strong and versatile. The
unit was released this week for a preview in Goldrounds, but will soon become an asset in all Supremacy
games for the players who have reached a certain rank. In addition, the already existing airplane will be
renamed fighter and will also become available in all games soon.

The preview has already begun and all players have the chance to play the bomber in Goldrounds. After the
preview, both the bomber and the fighter will become a selectable option in normal games as well, where
players will need a certain rank to be able to select them.

So if you would like to play the bomber now, go to Supremacy 1914 and try out the High Command
Premium Account which besides free Goldrounds, also offers some great additional features like Rally
Points, Build Queue, Advanced Fire Control, and Shared Intelligence. High command membership is available
through the Supremacy 1914 shop.
KnightFight: New Premium weapons and armour/shields Aug. 8, 2012
Due to numerous player requests we have added 10 new Premium 1-handed weapons to bridge the gaps between Premium weapons. The new weapons are available starting at 255 1H skill points. Please note that 4 of the new weapons can only be found in the bazaar!
moonID update 0.9.10 Aug. 1, 2012
The update will be applied today between 14:00 and 15:00 server time.

Downtime will be approximately 10 minutes.
Patch 0.9.9 July 26, 2012
We will deploy a small update at 14:00 server time.

Downtime should not exceed 5 Minutes.


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