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Who will lose their head in this foolish time? Feb. 21, 2020

Who will lose their head in this foolish time?

KnightFight Trutzberge

Time for the heartbreakers Feb. 13, 2020

It is time again to break a few hearts and who can do that best?
Of course Aria Valenti is the only heartbreaker you can meet on 14.02.2020 from midnight at MonstersGame.
Post your encounters here in the announcement.

Did you knights know? Part Two Jan. 29, 2020

This happened in the last update round:

  • Language selection in mobile view
  • New stylish header images for the mobile version
  • Display of moonCOINs in the mobile view, has always shown '0
  • Separate teaser on the battlefield
  • UTF-8 is now properly supported, so emojis are now working 😀😀😀😀


Did you knights know? Jan. 29, 2020

Do you already know the last changes there were?

  • Ability to replace soul stones for weapons (see here kfwiki )
  • More visual mission reports
  • Last login in guild view is now Last action
  • Broken navigation of the Screenshots page

That was of course not yet everything, but that is only in the next time you knights knew?

Hohoho Dec. 19, 2019

Only on 12.12.2019 we were allowed to start a new Knightfight game world after a long time. The developments are going on there and increasingly on the MonstersGame Rewrite. We would like to thank all players for patience and feedback. Therefore we are happy to offer you our Christmas special this year as well:

From December 19th 10 pm to January 10th 10 pm there will be a 50% bonus when buying moonCOIN, Blood Drop or Gemstone packages: To the premium promotion

We thank you for your loyalty and wish you happy holidays!

New World: KnightFight Trutzberge from 12.12.19 Dec. 10, 2019

Time to draw the sword: KnightFight Trutzberge

Take me to the new game world

KnightFight Trutzberge - 12.12.2019

Come prepared when the new KnightFight chapter is opened. In Trutzberge, a new world of merciless battles, arsenals of weapons and fresh guilds awaits you.
Choose the good or the bad side. It's in your hands.

KnightFight Trutzberge

Gamevention Nov. 29, 2019

Once again we would like to thank everyone who made it to the far north and visited us at the Gamevention. We had a lot of fun and good playing hours with you. Especially thanks for the numerous discussions about KnightFight, MonstersGame and Wizard Tower. We are looking forward to the next event with you.

Gamevention Hall on Saturday

RedMoon booth in the Indie area on Sunday

KnightFight Update - Changelog Nov. 19, 2019

KnightFight Update - Changelog

As promised (even though it took a bit longer, sorry everyone), here are the
player-visible/noticeable changes:


  • Consistent cross-site request forgery protection across all forms
  • Better URL routing so that eg. /index.php?ac=showuser&showuserid=12345 becomes /player/12345/
  • Images used in BBCode are now retrieved via an image proxy to prevent mixed-content warnings and tracking
  • KnightFight DK, GR, HU, RO and RU worlds are now back again and have moonID support
  • KnightFight BG, FR, IT, NL and TR worlds now have moonID support
  • Database transactions in several places, so no more race conditions in attacks or players being stuck because data has only been written partially
  • Aggressive caching for static files


  • Battle server is now part of the normal game
  • Battle server no longer has a "Logout" button but instead a "Home" button that leads to the home world of the user
  • Battle server: The maximum amount of battle points a player can receive is now capped at 3 BP up to level 100, 4 BP up to level 200, 5 BP up to level 300 and so on... (thanks to Daglfinger for the suggestion)
  • Battle server: Since it's no longer a separate server, the new name is now Battleground, some of those references have been renamed, but there might still be references to the old term
  • Switch internationalisation to gettext (has a few advantages like eg. support for plurals)
  • Language switching is now allowed for all game worlds and defaults to the browser's language
  • Use secure cookies with SameSite=Strict protection
  • Switch to HTML5
  • Replace background, border and some content graphics with new ones
  • Player avatars are now generated lazily, which should should fix a few image loading issues
  • BBCode parsing is now done using a new parser, so invalid BBCode might look a little bit different now (valid BBCode should still look the same, though)
  • Mobile view can now be enabled via profile setting


  • NPCs are now attacking again and sending/answering messages to/from players
  • Jewels transfer feature
  • Shadow energy (+13) now requires an alignment of -38000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+13) now requires an alignment of +38000 or higher
  • Shadow energy (+14) now requires an alignment of -43000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+14) now requires an alignment of +43000 or higher
  • Shadow energy (+15) now requires an alignment of -48000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+15) now requires an alignment of +48000 or higher
  • Shadow energy (+16) now requires an alignment of -53000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+16) now requires an alignment of +53000 or higher
  • Shadow energy (+17) now requires an alignment of -58000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+17) now requires an alignment of +58000 or higher
  • Shadow energy (+18) now requires an alignment of -63000 or lower
  • Holy energy (+18) now requires an alignment of +63000 or higher
  • Subject lines already containing RE: won't get another RE: prepended when replying to messages
  • Bug that limited the amount of skill point resets to 127 resets
  • Weapon names exceeding 35 characters are no longer truncated


  • Obsolete AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN profile fields
  • Useless use of CAPTCHAs
  • All integrations of various trackers and obsolete cooperations we're no longer involved with
  • A bunch of obsolete JavaScript
  • Maximum user limit for battle server
  • Ability to have more than one battle server
  • All Adobe Flash content
  • Deutscher Entwicklerpreis badge
  • Facebook integration
  • Redundant mg_user, mg_password and token cookies

These are just the most important changes and doesn't include all the changes we've made in our backend. Overall the update consists of 716 changesets so far.

Next steps

We still have a few bugs left to squash, which surfaced since Sunday. So we will work on getting them fixed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, our artist is also working on some more new content, but let's not spoil the surprise with details yet... :-)

Next big update: MonstersGame! Although since this is a full rewrite it will land in 2020. We'll keep you posted.

KnightFight update on Sunday, 17th November 2019, 02:00 UTC Nov. 15, 2019

KnightFight update

We already announced that we were working on overhauling KnightFight and the big day where we switch to the new version is coming up.

The update will take place on Sunday, 17th November 2019 at 02:00 UTC (which is 03:00 German time) and will result in a downtime of about 3 hours if things don't go according to plan.

Please note that you will be logged out and need to log in again after the update is finished.

Further details on the changes will be announced shortly after the update.

Technical details

The following information is meant for people who want to know more about the details on how we plan to migrate to the new version.


Essentially, we're going to switch from a bunch of old servers to our new infrastructure with new servers that we already prepared for the update.

Since we're switching everything to HTTPS, we also need proper TLS certificates. To make sure we don't run into issues during the actual update, we already changed the DNS records and generated the certificates and got them signed.

This means that right now, KnightFight is already hosted on our new servers by using HTTP proxies that relay everything to/from our old servers.

We also already changed backups and monitoring accordingly.

Sunday, 02:00 UTC

The first step is to put a placeholder page on all KnightFight domains, so that visitors know what's going on.

Next up, we're going to set all databases read-only and transfer the old databases to our new deployment.

Once this is done, we're going to apply all migrations that bring the databases in sync with our new code base. While we've already tested this extensively on production data, this is still the point where things might go wrong and it's also the main reason why we scheduled a longer downtime.

If nothing has exploded, we are new simply going to switch the web servers to the new KnightFight version. We're using NixOS, so activating the new configuration is only a matter of seconds.


At this point, the new KnightFight version should be up and running and the following items are left to do:

  • Verify all game worlds to see whether the update has been successful
  • Update moonID API addresses to use the HTTPS variants
  • Enable moonID for game worlds that didn't support moonID so far
  • Publish news post about what has changed
  • Shut down and wipe all of the old servers
  • Monitor support tickets to see whether any post-update problems arise
Finale-Halloween-Premium Nov. 12, 2019

Today at 10pm our Halloween premium promotion ends with the 50% bonus on moonCoins and gem packages.
Last call to get your bonus:

Halloween Premium +50 Bonus

Ciao from Uncle Pumpkin

Connecting... Connecting