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Happy New Year Dec. 31, 2023

Happy New Year 🎆
stay healthy, have fun and enjoy life ♥️
Remember our promo 🤘

Happy New Year

#hny #promotion #cratrgames #sale #moonID #CRATR

Best Christmas present or gifts 🎁 Dec. 28, 2023

What was your best Christmas present or gifts 🎁

The first five will receive a small voucher on top.


#CRATRgames #monstersgame #knightfight #moonID #gift #gift

Happy Xmas for Bad Santas Dec. 19, 2023

Knights and Darklings,
let it be known:

Christmas Promo

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and thank you for your loyalty with the promotion of up to +50% MoonCoins:
👉 Premium Promotion


The armory has been massively expanded. There will be a new world early next year. An announcement and registration page in the next few days will follow.


Bad Santa and small fixes await you at the party:

  • Show deleted members in clanwar details page
  • Don't lowercase members in clanwar details page
  • Fix manhunt being stuck in some situations after deleted player was restored
  • Switch to gettext for localisation and internationalisation

👉 INT3: Blood & Flesh

Heart of Muriet

The new hex version is alive. Next year there will also be a new demo on Steam. Until then, only wishlists will help.
👉 Wishlist

Happy Xmas 🎅

#promotion #cratrgames #action #sale #moonID #CRATR

Have a nice third advent Dec. 17, 2023

Have a nice third advent


A new competition has started on our Discord. Congratulations to all winners of the last round!
-> Competition

3rd Advent

#CRATRgames #monstersgame #knightfight #moonID #advent

Have a nice second advent Dec. 10, 2023


A new competition has started on our Discord
-> Raffle
Congratulations to all the winners of the last round!

2. Advent

#CRATRgames #monstersgame #knightfight #moonID #advent

Happy St. Nicholas Dec. 6, 2023


#CRATRgames #knigthfight #monstergame #moonID #Santa

Advent, advent a little light is burning... Dec. 3, 2023

Dear Cratler -
We wish you a peaceful first Advent.

Patti has started the raffle round in the Discord. Five winners will receive 300 MoonCoins next Sunday:
-> Discord 1st Advent

Only one candle today 🕯️

#moonID #QualityMatch #CRATRgames #Advent

KnightFight battleground, ring and server Nov. 30, 2023

We have just inserted three changes:

  1. battleground: get enough one-handers on the board, that's what was lacking at the moment
  2. the Wedding Ring of Perdition got a new name for the good side, the good guys should also have some of the luck
  3. have largely eradicated the term "server". If you find another one, please report it to a!

This had to be done quickly, sorry for the surprise and the short downtime.

KF Update

QualityMatch: New Pricing Nov. 30, 2023

The generous, extended test phase with our popular Cash for Action provider Quality Match is now coming to an end. This means that a new pricing model will be introduced from December 1st and tested over the next few weeks. During this period, payouts will be limited to one MoonCoin per work package. We hope that the new model will allow higher payouts again next year. The old prices still apply today:

-> Payment

Update QualityMatch

#moonID #payment #QualityMatch #CRATRgames #AI

Full Moon 🌕 Nov. 28, 2023

Why do you like the full moon?

The first ten comments on the post will receive 300 MoonCoins.


  • One comment per player
  • Automatic credit tonight
  • Howl at the moon 🐺

We wish you a successful hunt!

MonstersGame Full Moon 2311

#fullmoon #monstersgame #moonID #promotion #event #CRATRgames #browsergame

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