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moonID update 2: Markdown support Oct. 15, 2019

Another night shift later...

... and we now have Markdown support for forums, private messages and news posts.

This is the bigger update we originally wanted to ship on Sunday, but there were still a few very nasty bugs left to solve before we felt this would be ready to be deployed.

So essentially this means that you can now write structured messages with formatting and other elements, here is a small demo:

I'm quoting something here 📣

Look, some image:



And while we were particularily annoyed by the Re: Re: Re: some subject in private messages, we also fixed this and replying to a message no longer will annoy you with a stream of Re:petitive stuff.

moonID update 1: Weblate Oct. 14, 2019

Stage 1 of the October update is now live and running, and thanks to Aszlig's night shifts without dropouts in the game action. In the background we now have Weblate, a renowned service with which we can control games and portal moonID and translate them with our combined forces. This was still one of the big points with the update of our games. If someone would like to work on the translations / texts in the German area, please contact me.

Rollout of update on Sunday the 13th of October 2019, 01:00 UTC Oct. 11, 2019

We're going to roll out a moonID update on Sunday at 01:00 UTC (that is 03:00 German time).

The downtime will be around 5 minutes if all goes well and if not, it could take up to 1 hour (very unlikely, but you'll never know).

Since we don't yet know whether all the features we intend to roll out will be polished enough, we can't say at this point whether all of them will make the cut, so we'll write a follow-up post informing you on what has changed.

KnightFight Closed Beta Aug. 12, 2019

Here we go: the new KF Backend needs testers. The game looks as well known and should play itself optimally also in such a way. Only the technology, hosting and tools in the background are still hot from the smithy and have to be put through their paces by experienced knights. If you are interested, please contact PM:
PM KF closed beta

summer promotion Aug. 2, 2019

Information about the summer promotion:

  • The premium promotion applies to all packages (moonCOINS, gemstone, blood drop packages, etc.) purchased during the promotion period.


- We do not subsequently recognise any packages as "summer promotion packages". The payment AND credit must be completed by 22.08.2019 at 22.00 o'clock. In this context we would like to point out that the crediting of bank transfers from abroad can take several days. Even in the event of a delayed credit note, we cannot carry out any subsequent promotion credit notes.

Have fun playing,
Your RedMoon Studios Team

moonID presents Slayer of Souls June 20, 2019

Since seven years we would like to recommend the first new moonID game to you. Please throw a block in Slayer of Souls, which was created by our friends at media2Art (Days of Evil, My funny Garden) and features a wonderful antihero and some well-known elements from our games MonstersArmy / MonstersGame / KnightFight. Enjoy soul eating at Slayer of Souls - the game is actually only in German language available.

Information about the applied bugfixes June 18, 2019

Hello again,

To follow up with our last announcement, the update we've been rolling out has been to address a few important issues that would make it easy for attackers to crash our servers or cause significant lag.

The reason we didn't go into more detail earlier was to prevent creative minds out there to use it against us before we are able to fully patch our infrastructure.

Our first mitigation, hours before our scheduled downtime, was to simply disable TCP selective acknowledgment, which is there to reduce bandwidth usage in case a packet got lost and has to be retransmitted. This typically is only relevant if you're experiencing an unstable connection, eg. due to networking issues. Temporarily disabling this avoids being susceptible to trivial server crashes by an attacker.

Additionally, we've rolled out bugfixes for a few related issues, which would allow attackers to significantly slow down our services with minimal to moderate effort.

If you want to know the full technical details, you can read up on it here:


Thanks for your patience and if you followed our recommendation at the end of the last post: Enjoy your coffee/tea :-)

Important bugfixes being applied tonight at 3 AM German time June 17, 2019

Hi everybody and apologies up-front,

We need to patch up our infrastructure to mitigate a few security-related bugs that came to our attention, which we'll announce in detail in a follow-up post afterwards. The downtime will be around 5 minutes and it will take place on Jun 18 at 03:00 AM German time. This will impact all of our servers, so be sure to take a short coffe (or tea) break :-)

Best regards
Your moonID team

PayPal transfers work again June 13, 2019

Customers still waiting for transfers yesterday, please practice patience. Sorry also from our side for the circumstances.

actually got PayPal some problems to route transactions in some countrys. Please use different payments. We will keep you updatet.

Update from PayPal: "Payments are not lost, only take a little longer to credit."

Small mobile bugfix release deployed June 9, 2019

We've just deployed a small fix, which makes it easier to navigate and post in the forum using mobile devices.

Connecting... Connecting