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MonstersGame: We present the players with the most fights March 12, 2020

**We present the players with the most fights **

**International MonstersGame 2 **

1st place: [DSHD] Biscoter 477 fights
2nd place: [PVG] Chainsaw 354 fights
3rd place: [PVG] Jill Kramer 253 fights
4th place: [TLW] Serjes 167 fights
5th place: [TL] Ariel 163 fights

**International MonstersGame 1 **

1st place: [SB] LouisDerVampyr 79 fights
2nd place: [PVG] Chainsaw 78 fights
3rd place: [PVG] S A V 70 fights
4th place: [PVG] Jill_Kramer 69 fights
5th place: ANTICOIN 45 fights

We present the current players, who have fought the most these days ! March 2, 2020

**International MonsterGame Server 2 : **

  1. [DSHD] Biscoter con 591 incontri
  2. [PVG] Chainsaw con 555 incontri
  3. [PVG] Jill Kramer con 263 incontri
  4. [PVG] King Kool $ con 191 incontri
  5. :lestat44 con 124 fights

**International MonsterGame Server 1 : **

  1. [SB] LouisDerVampyr con 79 incontri
  2. [BiO!] Golddigger con 71 incontri
  3. [PVG] Chainsaw con 68 incontri
  4. [PVG] Chainsaw con 62 incontri
  5. [JimderKnopf] con 40 incontri
It was love at first sight March 2, 2020

It was love at first sight, don't lose your head.

Red lips should be kissed Feb. 26, 2020

Red lips should be kissed, whether this is always good is another question!

The country needs new heads. Feb. 25, 2020

The country needs new heads. In any case, you are always as old as you feel. The main thing is not to lose your head.

Who will lose their head in this foolish time? Feb. 21, 2020

Who will lose their head in this foolish time?

KnightFight Trutzberge

Time for the heartbreakers Feb. 13, 2020

It is time again to break a few hearts and who can do that best?
Of course Aria Valenti is the only heartbreaker you can meet on 14.02.2020 from midnight at MonstersGame.
Post your encounters here in the announcement.

Did you knights know? Part Two Jan. 29, 2020

This happened in the last update round:

  • Language selection in mobile view
  • New stylish header images for the mobile version
  • Display of moonCOINs in the mobile view, has always shown '0
  • Separate teaser on the battlefield
  • UTF-8 is now properly supported, so emojis are now working 😀😀😀😀


Did you knights know? Jan. 29, 2020

Do you already know the last changes there were?

  • Ability to replace soul stones for weapons (see here kfwiki )
  • More visual mission reports
  • Last login in guild view is now Last action
  • Broken navigation of the Screenshots page

That was of course not yet everything, but that is only in the next time you knights knew?

Hohoho Dec. 19, 2019

Only on 12.12.2019 we were allowed to start a new Knightfight game world after a long time. The developments are going on there and increasingly on the MonstersGame Rewrite. We would like to thank all players for patience and feedback. Therefore we are happy to offer you our Christmas special this year as well:

From December 19th 10 pm to January 10th 10 pm there will be a 50% bonus when buying moonCOIN, Blood Drop or Gemstone packages: To the premium promotion

We thank you for your loyalty and wish you happy holidays!

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