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CRATR.games/21 Jan. 26, 2021

Dear knights and bloodsuckers -
We hope you have come well over this damn 2020 and your 21 batteries are still full.

Of the many wishes for games and platform, we were able to implement some in the last year, also thanks to @Patti stood the support like a one, a number of actions have gone well, thanks for this also to you and in particular also @ZuTyy-. Also our overdue company update is also done.

There are a lot of things on aganda for the next months and without giving too much away now, MonstersGame will be resurrected this year.
The KnightFight wish list will be cleaned up. New ideas are always welcome. We will share more actively with you what is currently in the making and in this context we will also continue to expand Discord and social channels.
Our co-production with Microtale: Heart of Muriet will be launched.
We will close MonstersLand.
New games and features will come to the portal.
Also to get more out of marketing and platform, we are currently in a new round of investors.

Looks good and full program! We look forward to your feedback and in the end it could be a good year after all.

Take care and stay healthy!
cvd and CRATR.games Team


Hohoho Dec. 19, 2020

Just now we were able to start a new KnightFight game world and fight our way through some exciting events. MonstersGame is still running a small event that will also come to other servers. We would like to thank all players for their patience and feedback.

Therefore we are happy to offer you our Christmas promotion again this year:
From December 19, 10 pm to January 10, 10 pm you can get the 50% bonus when buying moonCOIN, blood drop and gemstone packs
-> To the premium promotion

For KnightFight players we have another little gift, the battleground will be half price during the promotion period and a little tip from Bad Santa, please check our social channels, we will put out some goodies there.

[MG] The battle for the top on game world 25 DE starts Dec. 13, 2020

Hello all vampires and werewolves of game world 25 DE,It is so far the fight is opened all your fights against other players on this server we count until 20.12.2020 until 15.00 o'clock, it does not matter whether won fights, defeats or draws.

Everybody can take part from level 1 to level 400 and more, so it doesn't matter how many fights you had before, an extra registration is not necessary, we will look for you at our fighters who have landed in our internal top 100, you just have to fight as hard as you can, show who has the most stamina in the fights. This action will end on** 20.12.2020 until 15.00** and we will then publish the list.

There is one rule, we do not allow any sitting during this period.

The winner will receive 5,000, the top 10 500 moonCoins each.

May the ancestors be with you.

MG] The battle for the top Game world 25 DE Dec. 9, 2020

Hello vampires and werewolves,

it is time to compete against each other. We'll look at the top 100 fighters and the top 10 will win.


How do you take part? Simply from the 13.12.2020 15.00 o'clock up to the 20.12.2020 15.00 o'clock you fight what the elders give, in this period we count your fights (7 days).

The winner receives 5.000, the top 10 500 moonCoins each.

May the ancestors be with you.

KnightFight Eisenwall: Congratulations Saw and Cheshire Cat Nov. 16, 2020

Saw and Cheshire Cat are the first knights on Iron Wall, who have reached Magic 10 and ready for the battlefield. We are very excited to see who will be next!

KnightFight Eisenwall SAW

KnightFight Eisenwall Cheshire Cat

Let the battle begin!

KnightFight Eisenwall: Congratulations [=A=] AvLee Nov. 14, 2020

Congratulations to the first guild [=A=] AvLee on Eisenwall, which was the first guild to be founded in the new world, we are very curious to see which ones will be the next.

Currently we have 7 guilds.

Come on you knights up the swords.

Start KnightFight Eisenwall Nov. 9, 2020

Up the shields, the run on KnightFight Eisenwall begins


You knights raise your shield, Eisenwall (International World 5) calls you, decide for the bad or good side, it's in your hands, play and fight your way to the top from the beginning.

->KnightFight: Eisenwall

We have heard your wish with "guild emblem and the Set 3" and have brought it to all KnightFight worlds for you to choose from.

Have fun

Your knighthood

It is time to raise the shields: Nov. 6, 2020

KnightFight Eisenwall



Come prepared when the new KnightFight chapter opens. A new international world of merciless fighting, arsenals of weapons and fresh guilds awaits you in Eisenwall. Decide for the good or bad side. It is in your hands.

The International Game World starts on 09.11.2020 at 7 pm

RedMoon Studios is now CRATR.games Nov. 4, 2020

Raider has been Twix for a little longer, and we at RedMoon Studios GmbH & Co. KG are now officially CRATR.games GmbH. This was triggered by the fact that the Co. KG construction of the company was now more of a handicap and we need a fresh wind and name for platform and publishing. Of course we will continue to honor the RedMoon Studios brand. We also moved on this occasion. Our office is now in Hamburg and we are looking forward to having a post-lockdown coffee with one or the other of you soon.
Until then, we also welcome you to our social media outposts:


CRATR.games Logo

Happy Halloween Oct. 31, 2020

Uncle Pumkinhead lost ten pumpkins here in the forum. He would like to have these pumpkins back. The finder would get a reward of 300 moonCoins. Each pumpkin can only be found once and the search is here in the English moonID forum. Please post ->here the link to the pumkin (thread link is fine). The search starts at 7 pm today at 12.04 and will end tomorrow at 7 pm.

Uncle Pumkinhead

Happy pumkin hunting and stay safe!

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